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Manual of Practice
  The previous edition of the Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) Manual of Practice (MOP) has not been available to the construction industry for about a decade.  Its revitalization has been long overdue and, like the phoenix of Greek mythology, the CSC MOP has risen once again from the ashes.  We now have that definitive document that can help improve construction documentation within our industry.  But why do you need it?
The MOP is an effective resource for all participants in the construction industry, including owners, architects, engineers, contract administrators, product reps, financial institutions, facility managers, regulatory authorities.  The planning, design, construction, and facility use process is inherently interdependent, and the MOP meets the needs of all participants.  Most importantly, the MOP advances CSC’s mission of being committed to the betterment of the construction industry through the development and delivery of quality education programs, publications and services.
The new edition of the MOP will help educators by providing consistent resource materials for teaching new or less experienced specification writers. Architects and engineers who prefer to write their own construction specifications will have a definitive reference document to guide them through the intricacies of construction specification writing.  Even experienced specification writers need help from time to time, and will have the best quality resource available to them once again.
However, probably the most important aspect about the comeback of the CSC MOP will be the advantage it gives to larger "knowledgeable clients" who can now turn to their consultants and request them to follow the recommendations of the CSC Manual of Practice.  This in turn will improve the quality of construction documentation, resulting in cost savings.  Good documentation means that contractors can give more accurate bids and are less likely to miss something that will eventually cost them money.  At the same time, the more accurate bids will result in fewer extras also saving the client money.  Good construction documentation makes our industry professionals look better and gives them more credibility to potential clients.
As a further measure of CSC's aim to give consistent information to the industry, the MOP is in the process of being translated to French and will be available in both languages by the end of 2007. This commitment to the industry ensures that the same standard of quality documentation reference material will be available on a national basis.
The CSC MOP is available primarily as an electronic document, although can be provided in hard copy on request, for an additional fee.  The electronic version will be sold complete with a binder or binders including Module and Chapter separators.  Although the ten modules will be made available for individual purchase, CSC strongly encourages members and other industry participants to purchase either the Modules 1 - 9 or Modules 1 - 10 packages.  (The MOP is made available without Module 10 because many users may already have copies of some of the reference documents such as MasterFormat or PageFormat.)
Listed below is the highest level list of contents for the MOP.

The new MOP is organized and structured as follows:
• Part 01 – Introduction
• Part 02 – Project Delivery
• Part 03 – Conceptual Planning
• Part 04 – Design
• Part 05 – Construction Documents
• Part 06 – Construction
• Part 07 – Facilities Management
• Part 08 – Glossary
• Part 09 – Appendices
• Part 10 – References
The MOP will assist users to:


  • Determine the most appropriate project delivery method
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the project participants
  • Understand the design process and product selection
  • Prepare accurate and enforceable specifications applying the CSI/CSC UniFormat, MasterFormat, SectionFormat, and PageFormat for clear, concise, correct, and complete contract documents
    Coordinate, interpret, and enforce contract documents
  • Effectively administer construction contracts
  • Improve communication among project participants
  • Utilize project resources for effective facility management
  • Plan for existing facility improvements and modifications

      To purchase the CSC MOP, visit CSC's electronic store